Why I don’t need wings

A couple of nights ago whilst setting up for Bootcamp I noticed this Monster Energy drink can that somebody had kindly dumped by the fence.


Monster energy drinks RedBull


I was going to move it before the session but thought I would leave it there as I hoped it might spark a question or two about energy drinks.


It did exactly that, but the questions were not quite what I was expecting!


People seemed more interested in what I eat and drink and people were a little shocked when I confessed to never having touched a Monster energy drink before and my only energy drink of that kind would have been the odd whiskey and Redbull when I was much younger.


A few questions followed and after admitting that I don’t touch fizzy drinks, only drink 1 black coffee a day (although 3 on weekends!!), I don’t drink ‘normal’ tea  (just peppermint tea) and I only ever drink 2 alcoholic drinks in one night (and only on Friday and Saturday nights!) I thought to myself……


How f****ng boring do I sound!!!


But, and there is a big but……


BUT…..I have spent years trying to find out what diet, what lifestyle and what exercise regime works best for my body.


And on the face of it, people can be surprised when I say I don’t drink fizzy drinks, hardly drink alcohol and avoid red meat.


I rarely eat takeaways and most of my meals are from the freshest ingredients I can find with nothing coming from frozen prepped meals in the freezer.


And although grabbing a weekly Friday takeaway, a quick frozen lasagne from the freezer or some jar sauces might be seen as the norm nowadays for many people it doesn’t have to be the way you live your life.


You shouldn’t have to rely on that quick ready meal, the breakfast biscuits, the processed snacks, the takeaway on the way home or the energy drink just to get you through the afternoon.


The sluggish, bloated and lifeless body you inhabit right now does not have to be the way you feel for the rest of your life.


That hangover feeling you have everyday where your head and legs just don’t want to get out of bed can be a thing of the past (no matter what your age) with a few small tweaks to your diet and lifestyle.


I’m not here to preach about how amazing my diet is compared to yours nor am I saying you should do exactly as I do.


My diet and lifestyle are not perfect.




I have found a healthy balance that still allows me to enjoy life and my diet but it also means I suffer with no tiredness, no mid afternoon slump, no bloated feelings, no acid reflux and no headaches.


I have an energy and passion for life that gets me out of bed, keeps me motivated to exercise everyday and makes me feel that my life is just beginning rather than slipping away just because I am over 40.


I know life might seem tough at the moment and that first step is always the hardest but please believe me when I say you have what it takes to change your life, your health and your diet.


That first step doesn’t need to be a huge leap. It doesn’t even have to be a full step!


You can tip toe into some changes but as long as you know you are making choices that benefit you instead of hindering you every step or tip toe along the way, you will soon become a much healthier and happier version of you 💙

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