Why do you need a personal trainer

Why don’t you like the idea of working with a Personal Trainer?


Maybe just the words ‘personal trainer’ conjure up images of 20 year old guys in bulging t shirts where the only thing bigger than their muscles is their own ego?


Most of them look like the stunt double for TV’s Johnny Bravo!


Of course he looks good!


He is 20 years old and still has the youthful, elastic skin. He has that naturally youthful complexion and his body hasn’t been ravaged by years of yo-yo dieting, raising kids and 20+ years of stress!


But what good is that to mum over 40 years old trying to juggle family, work and a personal life?


All she wants is to tone up a little, lose a little weight and feel some sort of confidence in herself again.


If she can bring some passion and romance back into the bedroom, that would be a very welcome bonus!


She doesn’t want to be forcing down protein shakes, eating her own weight in chicken breasts each day and she has no time to prep her entire weeks food on a Monday evening.


Because unlike the personal trainer who still lives at home with his family and has no life commitments yet, this lady has kids to raise, a marriage to nurture, a job to hold down and she already struggles to find time for herself.


Finding 4 hours on a Monday evening to shop, plan and prep the weeks food just won’t be happening.


That is why personal trainers in gyms can feel so daunting and be so off putting to so many people.


When I qualified as a personal trainer, I held a lot of fear as I was over 30 at the time.


Already heavily qualified in nutrition I felt I needed to qualify as a personal trainer but the whole time I was thinking to myself “who is going to want to work with an older pt?)


As it turns out, quite a lot of people choose to work with me for exactly this reason.


You see, there is nothing wrong with what Johnny Bravo and his team are doing in the gym.


There is no doubt they look great and know their stuff about muscle building, strength training and they have the nutritional knowledge to help their clients achieve those goals.


But you are not their ideal client.


People come to me because I focus on more than just counting reps, eating chicken and beating your own personal bests in the gym.


When you reach 40, whether you are a man or a woman, we have issues and obstacles in life that a 20 year old gym PT just cannot help with.


We have had years of abuse to our bodies that need repair and that requires sensible training and precise nutritional protocols put into place that the client can maintain easily in their busy life.


We have an equal, if not greater, amount of mental and emotional abuse too that has hit our confidence making it hard enough to set foot in the gym (and those tight fitting gym clothes!) let alone be told what to do by JB!


We need coaching in other ways too rather than just a 45 minute sweat session.


We need a variation of exercises instead of just heavy squats, bench presses and crunches because, let’s be honest, we have so many aches and pains in our aging body’s that sometimes just getting out of a chair can be a struggle!!


We need somebody who understands this, is our age and shares many of our life experiences.


Our personal trainer needs to be adaptive and treat us a individuals rather than be assigned that cookie cutter gym workout that was supplied to me on our 10 minute gym induction.


We want somebody who listens, understands our issues and can work around the limitations of our ‘not 20 anymore’ older body.


And if they could come to my house so I don’t have to worry about wearing lycra in public or setting foot in a gym ever again (or at least until I look amazing enough that my confidence soars), that would be amazing!!






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