When did you last check in with yourself? | Your 5 check points

We all lose our way from time to time.


When we seem to have finally mastered one area of our life, another falls off the edge of the world.


Why does this always happen?!


For me, it is because I have neglected that area of my life in order to see huge success in another area.


I have lost my balance.


So I have to regularly check in with myself. Check in with the areas of my life that mean the most to me.


It is a bit like checking the components of a mechanical system. We need to carry out maintenance in all areas of our system regular in order to maintain a balanced, healthy and happy system.


So I pick the key areas of my life that I need to be functioning well in order for me to have a good, happy life.


For me, that is (in no particular order, they are all as important as each other in the overall running of my healthy system):


My personal relationship

My dog

My physical and spiritual health

My business



What are your key areas of life that need nourishing everyday?


Maybe I might find one day that my business is thriving but my spiritual health is dropping away.


So maybe I need to find some more quiet time, appreciate everything a little more and say thank you more than I have been.


Or my finances might be sky rocketing, but at the expense of my personal relationship. Maybe I need to tone down the work rate and spend some of those finances on a meal out, some flowers or weekend away with my partner.


We need balance to be truly happy.


So what are your ares that are most important to you and how balanced is your life?


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Transform Your Health with Our Free Ebook!

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