Become an Ambassador for the HealthBuddy Academy!

Become a HealthBuddy Ambassador and earn up to 50% commission from promoting the HealthBuddy Academy Program.

If you want to invest in the program yourself, becoming an ambassador could be your way of receiving the program for free!




Starting with 10% commission on every program sold, your commission will actually increase to by 5% for every 10 programs sold upto a full 50% commission from each program!


What exactly is the HealthBuddy Academy:

I have spent the last 12 years developing, testing and optimising the most complete set of easy-to-use programs to help people achieve incredible results through effective and proven nutrition strategies.

Programs that work for everybody in all walks of life and at all health and fitness levels.

These programs work very well for all ages but are especially suited to the over 40’s. People who have tried all kinds of diets in the past with no or little success and are feeling lost.

The HealthBuddy Academy is designed to give everyone a solid base of good nutritional fundamentals and a daily routine built on the foundations of healthy and easy to maintain habits.

You will be supplying people with incredible value for money and this is magnified as you will be supplied with your own unique discount code offering people 10% off the full sale price of only £299.

The HealthBuddy Academy is one of the most comprehensive health and fitness programs you will find online.

Check out everything the HealthBuddy Academy offers below and how YOU can benefit financially from promoting it your family, friends and clients….

Get Unbelievable results

All the programs in the HealthBuddy Academy have been proven to deliver truly amazing results no matter what the persons current starting position is, there is a program for you within the academy!

Grow Your Confidence

Let the programs in the HealthBuddy Academy not only transform their body but their confidence too! Get them wearing the clothes that they WANT to wear and walk out with confidence and pride with how they look and feel

See lasting Results

The programs within the HealthBuddy Academy are not designed to be a quick fix (although results will show very quickly) Instead they will arm people with the tools, knowledge and healthy habits that will last them a lifetime and make sure the results they get stay forever!

They can choose the Program that works for them

Being a part of the HealthBuddy Academy gives people lifetime access to EVERY resource within the Academy. That includes 7 different different nutrition programs, 3 fitness programs and over 400 recipes.

Your customers can simply select the Program that suits them and their current health and fitness level. Let the program guide them every step of the way to a healthier and happier person.

When they have enjoyed one program, they can simply choose the following program to enhance their results even more.

Why the HealthBuddy Academy works


This is not a one size fits all kind of program. Inside customers will have access to 10 different programs that suit all walks of life, health and fitness meaning there is at least one program for everybody within the Academy.

Lifetime Access

Don't let people be fooled into subscription programs where they lose your access if they cancel their subscription. The Complete HealthBuddy Academy is available to them for life for a one time payment.


Don't let them stop after seeing success with their first program! Make sure they see continuous success by progressing through the other programs available within the academy. Maybe get them to start with the HB Reset program before eventually finishing on the Body Blast Program. The choices are huge and it's all up to you them how they work through the Academy!

Proven Results

Each program has seen 100's of success stories over the years but that doesn't mean we sit back and relax here. Each program is constantly updated to ensure the best possible results for all members.

Easy to Follow

The results are amazing and every detail anyone could ever need is included in each program, but the reason they are all so successful is because they are so easy to follow. Every detail, every meal, every shopping list and every instruction is clear and easy to follow making the programs suitable for everybody.


Other programs can be very boring. You can be eating chicken, rice and veg every night for a month. Not so with the HealthBuddy Academy Programs! With over 400 recipes to choose from, your customers will eat tasty and healthy meals everyday.

Plant Based Diet

With a full Vegetarian Recipe Pack and numerous plant based recipes throughout the programs, your customers can easily enjoy the benefits of these programs if they are a vegetarian. Our next update will be including various fully plant based recipe packs too so there is even more choice for plant based diet followers.

Free Updates

As if the initial download wasn't enough, customers will always receive the latest updated versions of the HealthBuddy Academy for FREE when they are released. As it says above, people get Lifetime Access so that means Lifetime Access to all updates too!

What HealthBuddy clients are already saying...

All the help ever needed is in the HealthBuddy Academy!

Life Changing Results

Every program is unique and has been designed from scratch with a combination of science backed evidence, 10+ years of my own experience and my clients own feedback to produce life changing results using the following programs – ALL available within the HealthBuddy Academy!

The HealthBuddy Reset

Value: £59.00

The Starting Fat Loss Program

Value: £59.00

The Metabolic Repair Program

Value: £59.00

The Lean Muscle Program

Value: £59.00

Total Body Blast Fitness Program

Value: £79.00

Bulletproof Your Gut

Value: £59.00

The Metabolic Athlete Program

Value: £59.00

The Final Fat Loss Program

Value: £59.00

The Cast Iron Body Program

Value: £59.00

The Metabolic Athlete Program

Value: £59.00

Too good to be true?

For many years I have seen programs sold that benefit the seller, NOT the customer.

Small programs that give people just enough success to sign up again and again to their next big ‘game changing’ program.

I wanted to put a stop to that by giving away EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM that I have ever created for a small one off price so that they have absolutely everything they will ever need to live a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life.

And I didn’t want to stop there – because when people sign up to the HealthBuddy Academy they also receive lifetime access to all the programs as well as membership to my private coaching group where they will have constant support from me and my team!

Bonus #1

Complete Habit Starter Kit

Get the best results from all our programs by running them all alongside our habit tracking module.

Generally taking up less than 10 minutes of your day, this module will change your life!

Change your life Forever

Commit to the HealthBuddy Tracking Module and introduce simple daily habits that will stay with you, effortlessly, for life.

Bonus #2

Comprehensive Progress Tracker

Stay on track with everything you are working towards with our detailed Progress tracker.

Whether you are tracking food, fitness levels, your weight, your habits or your body measurements you will be easily able to do with the added Progress Tracker.

Never Yo-Yo Again!

Giving you daily accountability to yourself, the Progress Tracker will put an end to Yo-Yo diets forever!

Bonus #3

Recipes for all occasions

As well as all the required recipes in each program, all customers also receive recipe packs for every meal of the day.

There are recipe packs themed around Breakfast, Snacks, Salads, Light Bites, Soups, Smoothies and Treats! All with over 40 tasty recipes each.

Vegetarian? No Problem!

Your potential customers have no need to be worried that the programs will not be suitable for them, have no fear, we have a dedicated Vegetarian recipe pack included AND a complete plant based pack being added in the summer of 2022

Bonus #4

Constant Accountability

With access to me everyday and the supportive and friendly HealthBuddy Academy community, customers can stay on track and achieve amazing results!

Immerse yourself in the community and together we will all live a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life.

Free for LIFE!

Once your customer has joined the HealthBuddy Academy, not only do they have all the programs to keep forever but they will also receive lifetime access to the HealthBuddy Academy VIP Group.

They will be the first to learn about all the latest improvements, downloads (all free for them as a member) and join in with our regular Q and A sessions.

Financial details for you as an Ambassador

The HealthBuddy Program is sold for £299.

As an Ambassador you will be able invite your clients, friends and family to invest in the HealthBuddy Academy and all it’s wonderful benefits with your unique 10% discount code.

As well as offering your potential customers a 10% discount code, you will also receive 10% commision for every sale that you make.


But that’s not all!


For every 10 sales you make, your sales commision increases by 5% until you reach a maximum commission of 50% per sale.

Once you reach that milestone of 50% commission, you will be able to recruit your own ambassadors and earn unlimited commission from their sales as well.


For a one time minimum investment of £149, you can join the HealthBuddy Abassador Incentive Program and not only will you receive FULL access to COMPLETE HealthBuddy Academy but you will be able to make unlimited commission.

That’s unlimited commission made around your current bussiness, family commitments and lifestyle. With no physical product to regular purchase, or post, The HealthBuddy Academy is the easy second income you have always wanted. 



Your Questions Answered

Understandably when signing up to something new and life changing, there are bound to be a few questions.

Please see the answers to our most commonly asked questions here that your clients might have prior to joing the HealthBuddy Academy.

Of course, if they have any other questions or would just like some reassurance that the programs will work for them, please  contact me at and pass on any questions that you are unable to answer yourself.

No. All you pay is a one off price to have lifetime access to everything within the HealthBuddy Academy.

Nope. You only pay once and have access to every program from day 1.

When you sign up to the HealthBuddy Academy, you also get full access to the HealthBuddy Academy VIP Group where I am reachable every day and where you can post your questions as well as participate in regular LIVE Q and A sessions.

Obviously there is cooking and some food prep involved as you will mostly be eating real, whole foods.

However, you will not spend your entire weekends prepping for the week ahead. Most dinner time meals we cook extra which we then have for lunch the following day meaning less time cooking and more time relaxing, eating and enjoying your food.

Absolutely! Although every program comes complete with specific recipes, there is always the option to replace foods within the recipes with foods that suit your needs. There are also specialised recipe packs such as a vegetarian recipe pack.

If you have always struggled to lose weight, programs such as the Real HealthBuddy Reset, The Metabolic Repair Program and The Bulletproof Gut Program can really help you see the results you have always longed for as these will reset your body before we even think about cutting calories.

If you don’t have a PayPal account it doesn’t matter. You can still pay via PayPal as a guest and pay using your credit/debit card.

If you still have issues, please contact me at

Unfortunately not as the price for the HealthBuddy Academy is already very low for the amount of quality content you will receive.

However, PayPal do offer a payment plan and that will allow you to split your payments.

I am afraid not. Due to the way the content is delivered (directly to your inbox after you sign up) it is very difficult to offer a refund as people have in the past downloaded programs and then requested a refund. I am fully confident though that for the investment, you will not find a better health program anywhere online!

About Health Buddy

“A former GB Hockey coach and nutritional advisor who now focuses on helping the over 40’s live a LONGER, HEALTHER and HAPPIER LIFE”


Having played high level amateur sport for most of my adult life, my focus turned to the health and wellbeing of people over 40 once I witnessed my own father have back to back heart attacks. He was very fortunate to survive and from that moment, I have dedicated my time to this cause.

From a physical point of view, I help people with a mixture of Bootcamps and 1-1 personal training sessions but perhaps the biggest success and the most extreme transformations are a result of my HealthBuddy Academy and Online 1-1 lifestyle coaching.

This is not a job for me, it is a passion. A passion to help as many people as possible regain their health, their confidence and their strength and to help themselves live a LONGER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER LIFE.

Mark x

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