How to stay motivated when trying to losing weight



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Are you Struggling to motivate yourself?


Think about it…

You start a new diet, health program or bootcamp.

You are AMAZING!!

You’ve only been going to bootcamp for 5 days, your motivatedand you suddenly feel like Wonderwoman!

Then something weird happens….

You get up on days 6 and you no longer feel like Wonderwoman.

You actually don’t even feel like a women!

Your motivation has got up, called an Uber and disappeared to the next town.




Yesterday you was epic in the gym, you eat like an Olympian and today you can’t even be bothered to poke a toe out of your bed. Where the f**k has that motivation gone? Did you leave it in the gym locker or something?!

Well, its winter, the electric blanket is on. Only a fool would get up and go to lay on a cold gym floor wouldn’t they?

You scroll through Instagram and the F Book to see 100’s of gorgeous models looking A-mazing and here is you. Wondering what company will deliver breakfast to your bedside!


It’s not fair.


Well, the truth is, it gets to us all and even I struggle to get out of bed on a frosty morning! So what keeps me motivated?


Below are 5 of my top tips for staying motivated now the clocks have dropped back, the temperature is falling quicker than the prices at a Sports Direct sale and Santa is getting ready to squeeze into his big red suit to deliver Coca-Cola to the masses!



It is not an urge I have to leave my bed on a frosty morning and meet lots of other half naked guys and girls in the gym on a Monday morning that keeps me motivated and drags my arse out of bed.

Nor is it the Facebook meme i see before I went to bed, the Youtube motivational video or the podcast episode I have just listened to.

What keeps me motivated is a deep desire to stay fit and healthy for as long as I can. I don’t need motivation as much as I need discipline.

I know that staying consistent with both my eating habits and my activity levels are 2 of the biggest factors in me living a long, healthy and happy life.


This is what wakes me up on a cold, frosty morning. DISCIPLINE.


You need to develop a sense of self respect, self love and self worth so that you know every decision you make is in your own, long term best interests.


2. Set Realistic Goals

With Christmas approaching, it is easy to set targets.

“Im going to lose lots of weight now, so that when I put weight on at Christmas it doesn’t show”

Sound familiar?


This is one of the hardest times of the year to lose weight.

There are tins of Quality Street, Mini Heroes and Celebrations everywhere.

There are tubes of Pringles, Mini Cheddars and Twiglets cluttering up your kitchen cupboards (no for long though eh?! – When do they ever last through November?!)

Then there are packets of Pigs in Blankets creeping into your fridge and packs of cheese and the odd bottle of Prosecco!


And YOU want to lose 2 stone before Christmas?!


YOU won’t.


All you have done is set an unrealistic target. A target that is going to leave you disappointed when you inevitably fail a week before Christmas all ready to start again in the New Year.

Instead, aim for losing 1lb a week (That is still the equivalent of 2 packs of butter!) and hit your target.

You will still lose half a stone before Christmas and you will feel amazing about achieving this! You little Wonderwoman you!


3. Change “Why” into “How

How often do you catch yourself saying “Why me” “Why can’t I fit into those jeans” “Why am I always single” the list goes on past my 5000 word count limit……


Imagine how powerful it becomes when instead of staying in that defeatist, negative and self pity mood you shift to a pro-active mindset of HOW can I lose weight. HOW can I fit into those jeans. HOW can I improve my love life.


Suddenly you are in the right frame of mind to take action!

You are empowered, stronger and more decisive. You no longer get stuck in this Victim mentality mindset.


4. Actively seek out Failure

Right now, failure problems exactly that to you.

It means everyone was right. You were right.

You were never destined to lose the weight.

You knew you would always fail at some point.


Utter toilet water!!


The most successful businessmen and businesswomen in the world will tell you that they would be nowhere without repeated failures.

The difference is that instead of giving up and thinking that life is over the moment you hit a bump in the road, they LEARN FROM IT. They realise that that was not the right path for them, so they choose a new route.

The more you fail, the more you learn. The more you learn, the stronger and more successful you become.


So seek out failure from this day on. Put yourself in positions that might be uncomfortable, they might see you fail. Because when you come out the other side, you will be a stronger, happier and more successful human being.


Check out this Will Smith Video on fear and growth –


5. Do you live in a happy or a hostile universe?

The world is as it is. It is currently how it supposed to be.

You might not like it very much at times, but it is how it is supposed to be.


When you walk out of your front door, you have a choice. Do you see a happy world or a hostile world?

When I walk out of my front door I could find a 1000 things wrong with everything I see. However, I choose to see the good in the world!

This planet is amazing so why would you choose to see all the negative when there is so much good to be seen?!


Once you walk out in a happy and positive environment then your inner environment changes. You make positive decisions that enhance your life instead of wallowing in self pity and misery.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Dr Wayne Dyer


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Wishing you all the motivation you need to succeed,


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