How to reduce stress and lose weight

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Definitely in the last 20 years world has changed.

And it has changed in a wonderful way!

The invention of the Internet has shrunk the world. 75% of the world is now connected and we are all so much closer together than we ever were before.

We are able to work from home. We have bosses and companies more understanding to mental health issues.

Every day we see more equality among sexes. Women are taking more high-powered positions in business and finally being paid the same money as their male counterparts in many industries.

We are more open and accepting to lesbians, gays and transgender relationships than we ever were before.

We have technology at our fingertips everywhere we go and we seem reachable whatever corner of the world we find ourselves in.


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However all of this brings new problems into our lives.


As a result of always being reachable, we always seem to be working.

Instead of seeing our friends once a week or twice a week we find ourselves in constant communication with our friends, family and our work colleagues via social media.

We have no spare time in this modern world.

No time for us to rest. No time to be quiet. No time to stand and stare.

We are far too busy to be stand and stare!


Unless you are insanely good at organising your time and your day, we find that our life is in chaos. Every day is erratic. Un-planned. Un-organised. Stressful.


And we are used to this now.


We accept it as the way things are.

And although your work might demand you are available 24 hours a day. You may have to look after the children. You may have to care for family members. You may have a busy life, but it doesn’t have to be an erratic, chaotic and stressful life.


You can have a modern, peaceful and happy life.


Do you realise how such an erratic life can impact your weight, your health and your body shape?

When your world is in chaos, when you walk around in a constant state of stress you are constantly doing damage and upsetting your hormone balance. These hormones are required for your body to stay in a healthy state and you require these hormones to be in balance to lose weight.

But more than anything else transitioning from erratic to balanced life brings peace and calm – IT BRINGS HAPPINESS!

Instead of living in a stressful, erratic, chaotic state and taking years off your life as well as bringing on illnesses, life changing illnesses – you start to relax.

Blood pressure starts to come down. Stress levels reduce and you find peace and you find happiness in your day-to-day life.

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