How to reduce stress and anxiety

Just around the corner………2020!!!


So just before that ridiculous milestone arrives (along with the Terminators, robot maids and flying cars) I would like you to just slow down, stop and think for a moment.


I want you to think back to 1999 (cue the Prince/Symbol/The artist formerly known as Prince song playing in your head) and just sit with that thought for a moment.


Think how your life was back in those far away days.


For me, I remember having dial up internet (not that I had any real clue what to use the net for anyway at that stage), a very basic mobile phone (for emergencies only), home cooked dinners with my family at 5pm, kids playing outside with friends and evenings spent with loved ones.


Not a laptop or phone screen in sight really.


No stress of constant work emails, social media and working from home.


To me, that’s the difference.


I always feel I had downtime, whereas now I feel constantly in demand from my phone and my laptop.


We used to unwind with friends at the weekend, call people rather than message them on IG or like a Facebook post.


We used to feel embarrassed on holiday if we had to take our own pictures because nobody was there to snap a picture for us, yet now we can’t go anywhere without taking a selfie and sharing that with our ‘friends’!


We are under a constant state of stress as a result of our modern world.


As a result, many of us are suffering with anxiety and we just can’t see a way out of this endless, dark tunnel.


This is where meditation has come in and changed my life.



Peaceful and relaxing meditation how to reduce stress and anxiety


I don’t want to bang on now about the benefits of meditation, balancing Chakras and spirituality but I will say that because of my meditation practices, I am now the calmest I have ever been in my life!


Whether you have meditated before or not, doesn’t matter.


The meditation below will relax you. Calm you. Reduce those stress and anxiety levels.


So, dedicate some time for YOU now and sit in peace whilst you listen to this simple, relaxing meditation below….




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