How to overcome Adrenal Fatigue

I was in very good health.


At least I was when this picture was taken.


adrenal fatique health golden retriever puppy


In fact, it was a perfect day.

I was healthy in mind, body and spirit. The sun was shining and I was on a photoshoot with Oscar (my lovely golden Retriever) and we was having an amazing time!


Even at the end of the shoot the photographer said how great it was to see our bond together (something that made me cry just a little!)


This was all at a time when my business was beginning its re brand from Mark Sleight Nutrition across to HealthBuddy.


This wasn’t just a name or logo change. This was a complete brand overhaul!


Yes, it meant new logo’s, a new website, new clothing and new marketing tools.


It also meant a revamp of all my programs, new videos to shoot and a new private members area on the back of my website.


There was a new social media approach of sharing my life more and being more open and accessible for my clients, more public speaking at shows and expo’s, and all this at a time when I had just signed up for 12 months with a new business coach.


And I’m doing all this during one of the toughest moments in my own personal life that culminated in me temporarily moving back with my parents (but more on that later!)


I was working too hard!


I knew that I was working too hard. That I had given myself far too much to do.

Even with the help of a web designer, a business coach and a marketing assistant I knew this was going to be a tough 6 months – but I never imagined that I would make myself so ill in the process.


I knew I couldn’t do it all and that something had to give, just for a short while until I had finished the re-brand.


I decided to stop exercising. If I had a spare 30-60 minutes (which was rarer than rocking horse shit) I would choose to sit, relax and grab a nap.


In hindsight, this was still a sensible decision as I was getting worn out very quickly.


By the time Thursday come around every week I was running on empty. I even fell asleep one day mid conversation with my mum! How crazy is that!!!


I was still focusing on my mind (I still meditated daily) and I still eat well most of the time (although that got harder as I got more tired) but I just wasn’t moving enough or doing anything that brought me any joy on a daily basis.


Ignoring the symptoms


I knew what was going on but I just kept telling myself “It’ll soon be done and you can go back to being yourself again” – Even as I write this I can hear my own eyes rolling at me for that one!!


The problem was, it was never ending.


New T Shirts meant more photo shoots. More photo shoots meant more marketing. More marketing led to more clients. More clients meant less time for me. It was never going to end.


Then one day, somebody sent me a message that that really hit home with me and it forced me to take a step back.


I was not giving myself enough self love and I was burning myself out as a result.


I was now suffering with Adrenal Fatique.


This meant I had no energy, either physical or mental.


The quality of my work, my relationships, my skin, and my sleep were all affected.


Not only did I get tired by doing the simplest task such as climbing stairs but I had also lost that positive, love of life that people usually see from me.


I was short, sharp and snippy with loved ones because I was so exhausted and the energy and love I had for my business (which should have been at an all time high through the re brand) was dropping off.


So what could I do about it?


The answer was quite simple really. I had to allow more time for me.


I have always had this rule with my clients that I am reachable 24/7 and I will respond within 24 hours.

However, I have always felt this need to reply as soon as possible. If I was out with friends and my phone rang or pipped, I would answer it 9 times out of 10.


This had to change and I had to allow myself more downtime. More time to do things that I love doing.


I knew that my clients would actually benefit more from me for doing this, so I felt really happy rather than guilty when I didn’t answer a message (Although I must confess to reading most messages in case it is urgent, but usually reply first thing in the morning)


So I decided to switch off at weekends and evenings. Once 5 o’clock came around in the evenings I would shut the laptop and rest. Weekends now are set aside for me to do the things that I want to do and I am travelling more and seeing people and places I was not seeing 6 months ago.


As a result, I regained some energy.


Energy that led me to start exercising again (expect another transformational blog in a few months time on this!) and really allowed me to focus on my nutrition again.


I added in some supplements from NutriAdvanced and suddenly I was feeling like me again!!


Even my clients have been commenting on how good im looking again “Because I had been looking tired” some had said.


OK, I’m still not perfect at totally switching off at weekends and evenings. The type of business I run doesn’t allow for that 100% but it is so much better than it was before and the work I am doing every now and again in my spare time is not only enjoyable, but it is opening up new doors to me because I am showing up in the world differently again.


I have a renewed energy, I am back to my higher lever of vibration and everything is changing for the better as a result!




One of the biggest eye openers for me was listening to Jen Wilson talk to me about she had also put herself in a similar (but much worse condition) a couple of years ago when she was guesting on the 40 Fit & Fabulous Podcast


Adrenal Fatique is a horrible thing to go through, but I knew untreated, it could AND would get a lot worse!


I could not allow that to happen.


So I am back to daily exercise (weekends off except for long doggy walks), solid nutrition habits, self love practices such as daily meditation, yoga and connecting with beautiful souls all topped up with random acts of kindness, positive thoughts and some magnesium and adrenal supplements.


Right now – I feel on top of the world!!


Just like I always used to feel…..

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