How to manifest success

I want to get you to open up this week.


To open up to all the joy, happiness and passion that is surrounding you, just waiting for you to accept it into your life.

You see, we have this believe that we are never going to be thin, never going to be fit, never going to confident or never going to find the relationship are desperate for.

Talking to yourself this way (in the negative) is never going to allow the ‘good stuff’ into your world. You are blocking all this wonderful goodness from coming into your life.


This might sound a little ‘out there’ but let me explain….


When we change the way we view the world, the world around us will change too. If you start to talk about all the good things that are on their way into your life or the opportunities you are going to see in your future – you will start to see these manifest into your world!



manifesting success meditation


A real life example…..


On Saturday I was driving into a beautiful little town. There were 2 car parks at the end of town where I needed to be.

I drove around the smaller of the 2 car parks and had no joy whatsoever getting a space! I drove out this car park to head to the larger one accross the street.

All the while telling my self that it was a pointless exercise! “It’s a Saturday afternoon, there is no chance I am going to find a free space!”

Sure enough, after several trips around the car park I exited with no spaces available to me.

I said to myself I will try the first car park again one last time.

But this time I drove into the car park saying “I am going to find a space. Somebody is going to pull out and give me their parking space”




I had a parking space within seconds – EXACTLY as I said I would!!

You might see this as a coincidence or just plain rubbish but this happens to me all the time!!

What I am doing is focusing on the positives, the possibillites that something good is going to happen to me and the universe always delivers!!

It’s not that I magically placed the driver in that car and made him leave the car park. He was doing that regardless of how I felt.

What did change though was my attitude and belief that I would accept this present from the universe. If I was in my previous state of mind of “I’m never going to find a parking spot” I would have likely sped around the car park in a mood and missed all the opportunities to park my car!!

This way of thinking can be rolled out to all aspects of your life.


If you just pause and open yourself up to receive abbundance in your life, the universe will deliver exactly what you need.

You just need to be willing to see it.


Mark x


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