How to live like an online health coach

Many years ago, I used to get very jealous of people on Instagram.


It was (and still is) full of toned, tanned bodies all looking great on a beach or in a gym.


If they are not in the gym, they are looking great in clothes that are far too tight whilst preparing the most amazing looking food you could ever eat in their own beautifully designed kitchen with the sun shining through their window.


And when you look at their Instagram bio description you are met with the titles:

  • Nutritionist
  • Personal trainer
  • Health Coach to the stars
  • Life coach
  • Mum of 16 kids


Not to mention their 200k followers and guest appearances on Oprah and all their celebrity friends!!




Let me tell you a secret….


Health coaches do not live like that!!


Well, this one certainly doesn’t and none of the coaches I know do either!


Once I realised just how fake all these people and their profiles were, I no longer got jealous. In fact, they make me laugh now!


The truth is, I could go and hire a professional photographer, get a spray tan, take my shirt off and stand in a show room with some food I have just ordered from a local restaurant.


But how is that truly going to help you when it is not the real way I live my life?!


Online personal trainer in Marlow, Henley, Bisham Abbey


I have a healthy body. Actually, just a week or so before writing this I had a full health check up and my results were even better that I expected.


I am fit, toned and have no health concerns.


I have the strongest, healthiest and happiest mind I have ever had due to daily meditation and gratitude practices.


I am healthy and happy – yet I still don’t look like these ‘models’ on Instagram.


Even though I am the healthiest I have ever been, here are a few more truths:


I eat cake every week.

I love popcorn, mini-cheddars, peanut butter and Maltesers.

I drink wine at the weekends and sometimes even a few beers (only 2 as I am a light weight!)

I eat fish and chips when I go to the beach – and usually finish it off with an ice cream!

I don’t run for miles every day and spend less than 30 minutes per day in the gym.


I live a healthy and balanced life that allows me to enjoy the food and drink that I love but I couldn’t be healthy if I lived ONLY on the foods and habits listed above.


To include the food and drink I love in my diet I have regular, healthy practices such as:


I eat a tasty salad most lunchtimes that includes fish, olives, nuts, seeds, oil and avocado.

I start my day with a selection of fruit, a yoghurt and some peanut butter.

I am lactose freeI avoid red meat and only eat chicken and fish.I eat 3 meals a day and at least 2 snacks.

My diet only includes 10% of processed foods.

I only drink 1-2 small coffees per day. The rest of my drinks are water or peppermint tea.

I exercise 20-30 minutes each weekday morning. This could be running, gym work, HIIT or some yoga.

I meditate daily for at least 10 minutes, usually around 30.

I get 7 hours sleep per night.

I have regular bedtimes and wake up times as well as regular morning and evening routines.

I talk to people who raise me up.

I share my feelings everyday to people who understand me.

I try to grow as a person every day and do something that improves my life.

I laugh and smile as much as possible.

I hug my dog as much as I can.


These daily practices allow me to stay healthy whilst still enjoying the odd doughnut or meal out with my friends without counting calories or over analysing the menu.


And I can do all this without cooking my breakfast in my studio kitchen whilst wearing a see through bikini – NOBODY wants to see that!!


Small daily habits are what make the difference.


We will not be like the Instagram models and it is pointless to even try because even they are not living the life they are portraying on the net!

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