How to eat healthy as a Vegan

There are two types of Vegan in this world.


There are the types who look amazing and their skin is glowing.

They are so slim yet they look amazingly strong!

They are regular yogi’s and always sharing their tasty home cooked food with their followers on Instagram.

They are always happy, never seemed stressed and are a constant ball of energy!




Then there is you.


You always feel tired.

Your skin is dry, pasty and weathered.

It takes you a while to get out of bed every morning and you wonder what stresses lay ahead for you today!

You are still carrying a couple (or more) extra pounds despite being vegan for a few years now and you cannot remember the last time you had any energy at all.


You are at a loss as to why this is.


You have been vegan for years, you practice yoga at least 3 times a week and you are very connected to your spiritual side, just like your favourite yoga instructors – so why are you still so fat and tired?!


Let me give you the two main differences between these two vegans.


1)      The vegan diet


Nowadays it is all too easy to eat a vegan diet.


Supermarkets have dedicated aisles and fridges purely for the meat and dairy free lovers amongst us.


Do you want sausages? Burgers? Cheesecakes? Milk? Yoghurt?


They are yours for the taking – Vegan style of course!


But does this make you a healthy vegan?


Unfortunately, while you can call yourself a vegan, this type of diet is not great for your health – or your waistline.


Simply chowing down on something because it has come in a box with the magical phrase ‘Suitable for Vegans’ stamped on the side is not the way to live as a Vegan.


Whilst your beautiful, fit, glowing and energy rich yoga instructor is tucking into bowls of fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds (all from the most organic source as possible), herbal teas and homemade granola, you are essentially living on a largely processed food diet.


I am sure you don’t need me to go on again about the harmful effects of a processed food diet but I just want you to be aware that there is a huge difference between the words Vegan and Healthy.


How to eat healthy as a vegan diet


It is only too easy in the modern world to live as an unhealthy Vegan.


To see an increase in your energy levels, more colour to your skin and energy levels that help guide you through your entire yoga sessions rather than just counting down the minutes to Savasana, you need to switch the cardboard boxes of pre prepared meals for plates of raw, organic fruits and vegetables.


Switch your dairy free milky coffee to a peppermint tea and replace those dairy free chocolate bar snacks for some nuts and seeds or a plate of veggie crudites with some hummus.


Embrace a more basic diet and way of life instead of being vegan just for the sake of being vegan.  Being vegan is a lifestyle choice and it comes down to so much more than eating the latest vegan ready meal just so you can go back into the office and declare you have had a vegan lunch.


There is also a little science to being a healthy vegan and there are certain vitamins and minerals that are not so easily available without meat in our diets.


So maybe your low energy levels is down to you lacking B12 in your diet (only found in animal products) – are you supplementing this?


What about the long term effects on your bones with the lower levels of calcium in your diet?


Maybe the weight gain comes from a diet that is now more carb based and lacks a little protein? Protein is usually associated with meat products but do you know how to maintain a healthy daily intake of protein without making yourself sick on tofu?


How about Omega 3? Although available through plant based products, the best source for our body actually comes from oily fish so maybe you should consider a supplement here if you are suffering from daily brain fog and mood swings?


Check out my guide in my nutrition module for an in depth guide to becoming a healthy vegan.




2)      Your spirit guides


Connecting with your spiritual side is a very popular thing to do in recent years and something that I believe is essential for true growth.


When you attend your weekly Yoga or meditation class, your teacher often refers to your spiritual self and she is constantly aligning with her spiritual self whenever you check in with her on Instagram.


She really does have the perfect life and one you are very keen to mimic for yourself!


She talks regularly about her spirit guides, signs speaking to her and the appearance of her spirit animal at all the key moments in her life.


So you do exactly that.


You wait for certain signs, animals or guides to show up at those key moments to show you the right path. You hold of making plans and decisions convinced that the universe will show up as and when it is needed.


And I fully agree that it will.




The universe is not going to show up and bring abundance into your life if you can’t lift your arse off the sofa.


Ant and Dec ARE NOT your spirit guides!


Absolutely the signs will be there in life if you are open to seeing them.


I totally agree that the universe will reward you if you take the right path.


But this will only happen if you do the initial work. You still have to show up in the right places, doing the right things in order for these ‘miracles’ to take effect.


A spirit guide is not going to appear and help you lose 7lbs.


However, getting your backside to the gym every day and cutting out the biscuits will.


When you are doing the right things for yourself, other amazing opportunities will present themselves.




But don’t fall into the social media frenzy and hype that these spirit junkies might throw your way – they are still doing a lot of work in the background to place them in these rewarding positions in the first place.


They are not just waiting for the magic to happen, they are helping to make the magic happen themselves.





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