How do I get over my fears?

Is your dream your biggest fear?


Here is some honesty for you….


This weekend I had a dream. When I first woke up on Sunday morning I was aware the dream was very vivid and was still playing through my mind as I woke up. It was clear it stirred some feelings inside me, it was a little bit scary and it was a dream I was quite keen to forget about.


Then when I was telling somebody about the dream and we started to analyse the dream a little bit more.


It became very clear that this was more than just a dream and I was actually highlighting every fear I have in my life at the moment!!


So let me briefly set the scene…


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I was in Edinburgh (that detail is not actually important) and I had built myself a polystyrene aeroplane.


You know the sort, one of those cheap Spitfire jobbies that you are buy at the market for a couple of quid when your a little kid.


I was taxiing down the runway (which was actually a little backstreet for some reason) behind three or four conventional, and very real, one seater planes whilst I sat in my polystyrene Spitfire in the queue to take off.


As we all took off one by one and the bigger planes in front climbed higher up into the sky I started to gain a little height myself – but my little plane was very wobbly.


I felt very nervous on my little polystyrene plane whilst he planes in front of me were still gaining height. I was desperate to keep up with the bigger planes but every time I gained a few extra feet in height, my plane would wobble so instead I stayed at a safe height. I was terrified that if I went any higher I would fall off my little plane to my death.


So I stayed at a safe height that I knew if I did fall I could still survive and carry on my life.


As I am not a fan of heights, I just assumed that’s what the dream was about but then when you look at the dream it’s actually the exact reason I cannot grow in the way I desire.


Its the reason that I won’t raise myself to the level I know I can get to because I fear falling back down again.

I won’t raise myself to the same level as others (in the bigger planes) in case I fail.

In case I fall off.

In case I wobble.

So instead of thriving and reaching the height I know I’m capable of reaching I stay at the height that I know is safe and I know that if I do fail from this height, I will not do too much damage to myself.


So I will always stay at this height.

Never reaching my full potential, because I’m scared of falling off.

I’m scared of failing.

I’m staying well within my comfort zone!


So what is your dream?


What height do you want to reach?

What is holding you back?

Is it a fear of falling fear or a fear of failing?

Maybe it’s a fear of what others will say if you do fail?


However, without reaching for those heights you will never get your dream.

You will never join the others at the height that they are flying because you are cruising at a low and comfortable attitude.

To really achieve our goals we have to push past that fear.

Past that turbulence and through the clouds so that we can reach the heights we want to reach.


Yes of course, it’s going to be scary but for me it’s more scary to stay at the level I’m at now.


I will never grow.


I want to and need to take that risk to reach the new heights I want to reach otherwise I will never get there.


Are you able to push through your fears to reach your goal?


Are you able to ride that scary journey out so that you can reach the heights you KNOW you are capable of?


If you want to connect with me and find out how to push through you own fears, you can contact me at


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