Ganesh Gudka

Mark has the most sensible balanced approach to weight loss and fitness I have come across. Much better than fad diets or expensive gym membership and using the great outdoors too.

🎄 Christmas is over 🎄

Money is tight
…but unfortunately, so is your waist band!
You want to do something about it, you have set your new years resolutions but so far, you are yet to start working towards them right?
Over the last month you have eaten far too much, put on even more weight and will feel embarrassed joining a gym because you have never looked this bad before!
Not to mention you will need new gym clothes and not only is that more expense, but it’s all tight fitting and again, you feel embarrassed by how you look.
Now it is nearly the end of January, you start to seriously weigh up the ‘New You Plan’
🚧 Gym membership – £30
🚧 Personal trainer – 4 x £35 (£140)
🚧 New gym clothes – 💰 💰 💰
🚧 Filling the fridge up with fruit and veg – £50?
🚧 Travel to the gym takes time and more money.
🚧 You have to either go on your way to work or on the way home in peak January hours.
🚧 The gym will be packed and you will soon get fed up waiting around for equipment.
🚧 And it’s ok when your with your trainer, but you feel lost when he is not there to support you.
Total costs: £150+ easily!
Then factor in the time, stress and anxiety.

What if things were different?


😃 Wouldn’t it be better to work out at home
😃 Away from prying eyes
😃 In whatever clothes you want
😃 In half the time than it will take in a January gym
😃 Without travelling in rush hour?
😃 ALL FOR £9.99 A MONTH?! 😃
£9.99 a month for:
a minimum of 4 x Virtual at home workouts a month!
Monthly LIVE Q & A sessions to answer all your questions!
Regular games, challenges and prizes to keep you accountable and moving forwards!
Constant contact with your Personal Trainer!

It doesn’t matter on your current level of fitness as all levels are catered for!


Get all this for only £9.99 a month

– with no contract!

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