Ganesh Gudka

Mark has the most sensible balanced approach to weight loss and fitness I have come across. Much better than fad diets or expensive gym membership and using the great outdoors too.

🏋️ The gyms are closed!! 🏋️

The coronavirus is closing every where at the moment and making it so hard to stay fit and active!
🚧 Gyms are closing
🚧 Bootcamps are closing
🚧 Yoga studios are closing
🚧 Swimming pools are closing
🚧 Run clubs are closing
🚧 Martial arts studios are closing
🚧 Personal trainers are suspending sessions
🚧 Health talks, expos and shows are all closing their doors
People are anxious about joining public groups and even being out in public so what are you to do to stay fit and active during these times?

What if you had another option?


😃 Wouldn’t it be better to work out at home where you are safe
😃 Yet still enjoy that group environment and support
😃 Workout whenever you want, anywhere in your home
😃 Follow live sessions or watch on catch up
😃 Sessions available on Smart TV’s, Laptops, mobile and tablets
😃 ALL FOR £9.99 A MONTH?! 😃
£9.99 a month for:
a minimum of 4 x Virtual at home workouts a month!
Monthly LIVE Q & A sessions to answer all your questions!
Nutrition advice and access to your Personal Trainer 7 days a week!

Staying fit and active is one of the best defences against the Coronavirus!


Get all this for only £9.99 a month

– with no contract!

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