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Free Detox Plan

Detoxing is not all about green smoothies and ginger water 😊⠀   Today I wanted to gift you something that is usually reserved for my members only and that is my 4 step detox plan.⠀   Simply WATCH HERE  or click the image below to grab your FREE plan⠀⠀   ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To give you a […]

Published on January 4th, 2021

Why I don’t need wings

A couple of nights ago whilst setting up for Bootcamp I noticed this Monster Energy drink can that somebody had kindly dumped by the fence.     I was going to move it before the session but thought I would leave it there as I hoped it might spark a question or two about energy […]

Published on September 16th, 2020

Do I have Coronavirus | Covid-19?

On Monday afternoon I began to feel ill.   I thought nothing much about it at the time, expecting it to pass within an hour or so.   Because it was only the weekend when I thought to myself how healthy I was feeling at the moment, so this is just a little blip. A […]

Published on April 1st, 2020

When did you last check in with yourself? | Your 5 check points

We all lose our way from time to time.   When we seem to have finally mastered one area of our life, another falls off the edge of the world.   Why does this always happen?!   For me, it is because I have neglected that area of my life in order to see huge […]

Published on January 23rd, 2020

Home workouts are the thing in 2020

Quick and easy home workouts…   It is still the middle of January as I type this and we are getting closer and closer to my 41st birthday!   More importantly though, we are 3 weeks into the new year and the new you.   Because we all know that you promised to improve your […]

Published on January 21st, 2020

My own self-love failure

I am sure I cannot be the only man to hide a little laugh when I hear the phrase ‘self-love’?   Come on, you’ve done it at least once!   And whilst that kind of self-love is important – let’s leave that for another blog!   Self-love, as I am sure the adult in you […]

Published on January 8th, 2020

How yoga has ruined my body

Without a doubt, one of the best practices in my life recently (both physically and mentally) has been yoga.     I haven’t done a lot of it and I’m not that good at it either, but it makes feel strong and flexible. It helps to clear my mind and allows me to focus on […]

Published on December 12th, 2019

A quick meditation to release worry and anxiety

A quick meditation to release worry.   We all have worries and concerns, particularly this time of year, so I invite you to spend a few minutes to release all your worries and cares from your life.   Firstly, we need to write down on a piece of paper everything that worries us at the […]

Published on December 5th, 2019

How to lose the negativity

Why does everybody talk about gratitude?!   Gratitude and positivity are easy to practice – but some days we all need a little kick up the backside to remind us just how easy it really is!   I think I am a naturally positive person and I practice gratitude many times each day – but […]

Published on December 3rd, 2019

Why do you need a personal trainer

Why don’t you like the idea of working with a Personal Trainer?   Maybe just the words ‘personal trainer’ conjure up images of 20 year old guys in bulging t shirts where the only thing bigger than their muscles is their own ego?   Most of them look like the stunt double for TV’s Johnny […]

Published on November 28th, 2019
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