Amazing transformation

This transformed my life – it can transform yours too!


Transform (Trans-Form)


Trans – to transcend, or go beyond normal limits. Form – The physical appearance of a being such as a human body.


Transform means to go beyond your physical body.


A few years ago, I reluctantly started to meditate. I say reluctantly for one simple reason, I thought I would feel silly.


Transformation meditation universe and connection


Sitting in an unusual position, in the middle of my living room, bedroom or garden – what if somebody is watching?!


I was incredibly keen to harness the power of meditation and see how this could enhance my life but I couldn’t get over what others people reaction would be. Maybe I would just do it in secret so nobody knows I’m doing it?


Crazy huh?!


Yet that was how I used to think many years ago. I used to always worry about what other (generally lower vibration) people would think and it always held me back from living the life I wanted to live.


Then, one day, I decided to just sit down with a cup of tea in my spare bedroom and try to meditate.


My ‘task’ in this basic meditation was to just sit in silence. To quieten my mind and try to sit in peace and stillness for 10 minutes.


10 minutes?!


I couldn’t quieten my mind for more than 3 seconds!!!


My head was full of thoughts racing in and out of jobs I had to do tomorrow, what’s for dinner tonight, have I got the money to service my car, I need to write a shopping list, where I am going to exercise tomorrow, the Facebook live I have to do later, where I want to go at the weekend – every thought you could imagine!!!


This was going to be harder than I thought!!


Now, fast forward 3 years or so, and I happily talk about the fact that I meditate daily.


In fact, I would be lost without it nowadays.


It has truly brought a sense of calm and peace to my life that was clearly missing over the previous 35 years or so.


I really cannot express enough just how much meditation and learning to manage my stress levels has improved my well-being. Physically and mentally.


As the late, great Wayne Dyer says “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”


I couldn’t agree more.


Even as I write this, I am doing so with a slightly foggy head.


After watching the most emotional game of football late last night, I found it hard to sleep and my usual pre bed meditation was postponed until the morning as I was too hyper to sit calmly for 10 minutes.


And as I woke this morning, I could feel the difference. My head feels heavy, I have too many thoughts passing through it and I feel ‘rushed’ even though I am just sitting in my study with Oscar by my side.


Here’s the rub….


You won’t feel blocked, busy or clouded at the moment because it is what you are used to.


It is only when you start to quieten your mind and start to transcend that physical form that you will truly understand how great your life can become.


Please don’t dismiss this as hippy or woo woo talk. Just give it a go and see the difference over the coming weeks and months.


I promise you will see a huge shift in all aspects of your life.


To get you started, why not try this very basic meditation below.


This is genuinely one I listen to most days to bring me back to a place of calm, serenity and peace.


It’s magic.


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