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HealthBuddy has been created by me, Mark Sleight.


A former Great British hockey coach who now loves working as a nutritional advisor, personal trainer and lifestyle coach to men and women over 40.


I love being outdoors and am regularly found walking my handsome golden retriever, Oscar, by the river in Marlow or Henley, a lake in Milton Keynes or in some woodland anywhere in between. I find joy and happiness in all that life has to offer and I make looking after my mind, body and spirit my main priority everyday – as I believe we all should.


It is this positive and happy approach to life that I pass on to my clients. I do not believe any of us should be judging our health and happiness by a scale weight but instead we should be embracing an approach that takes care of our mind, body and spirit (meditation features a lot in my life).


I have always enjoyed helping people live a healthier life but for me, the shift into online personal training and health coaching to people over 40 (I am 40 myself) came in March 2016 when my own father suffered back to back heart attacks in the middle of the night.


The heart attacks at the tender age of 65 were due to a lifestyle that so many of us in the UK are used to and I have made it my purpose in life to stop the same fate falling at your door.


Obviously, that is the extreme end of the scale but what I see daily is people feeling they have to suffer with life altering conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, IBS, Chronic fatigue syndrome, and severe joint pains. This is not normal to suffer these conditions at such a young age and you no longer have to!


These are the conditions that truly affect our lives each and every day and can make us all feel very run down, stressed and tired. We are so tired sometimes yet we don’t quite know why and we ‘go on a diet’ thinking this will address the problem but it doesn’t solve any long term issues. It certainly doesn’t make us happy and I will show you how a few small changes here and there to your daily routines can soon have you feeling like a new man or woman.



My mission with HealthBuddy is to help you, and as many people as possible, regain control of your diet, health, happiness and your confidence through proven online personal training programs, nutrition plans, meditation courses and lifestyle coaching. If you live in Henley, Marlow, Milton Keynes or any surrounding areas, we will even meet for some 1-1 coaching over a coffee (or green tea).



After seeing first hand the damage of the modern diet and lifestyle on those close to me, I have set out to not only help people lose weight, but to also to improve our quality of life. We are all deserving the best life.



Now is the time to start adding years our lives – and life to our years!!


Mark xx



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