A quick meditation to release worry and anxiety

A quick meditation to release worry.


We all have worries and concerns, particularly this time of year, so I invite you to spend a few minutes to release all your worries and cares from your life.


Firstly, we need to write down on a piece of paper everything that worries us at the moment.


It might be relationship concerns, it might be financial insecurity, illness, joint pain, family issues, Christmas or even past experiences that still bring up feelings of guilt, anxiety and stress.


Get everything written down and then take yourself and your list somewhere quite for 30 minutes.


Sitting comfortably, I want you to focus on your breath and allow the weight to release from your shoulders.


Just focus on your breath. The here and now. I want you to feel relaxed.


Now take a look at your list and the first worry you have written down.


Allow yourself to worry about this for 2 minutes. When the 2 minutes has passed, you are no longer to worry about this. It has had its moment in time and deserves no more.


Work through every worry/concern in the same way until you have given air and time to each worry.


Getting these worries out in the open stops them poisoning you from inside and allows you to focus on happier, more positive moments and memories.


Let happiness, positive and gratitude fuel your soul instead of the anger, worry, anxiety, hatred and guilt.


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