Tasmyn Jeffs

Such a lovely guy to work with although I can't move I enjoyed the fitness training more than I thought I would and has given me the kick up the bum to get to my weight and fitness

What Is The HealthBuddy Foundation Program?

Step into the HealthBuddy Foundation Program today so that I can help you lay the solid foundations in all areas of your life to have you moving forward on Your Path to Happiness and so that you can Look, Move and Feel your best!

With over 5 hours of video coaching, I will show you how to create solid foundations in, what I have found with all my experience, to be the 5 key elements to everybody’s success.

Mindset and Motivation

The most important area in all our lives and yet always overlooked by weekly weight loss programs and shake diets.

Let me help you love yourself again, grow in confidence and learn how to self-motivate so you don’t keep reaching for the chocolate bars when you are having a bad day!

Nutrition for Health and Weight Loss

Gone are the days of restrictive calorie diets, points tracking and cutting carbs!

Let me show you how to enjoy a healthy diet that will help you lose weight WITHOUT cutting out the foods that you love

Activity Levels

When we think of fitness, we might be thinking about going to the gym or heading out for a run?

But not all of us are fit enough for that, so I want to share my secrets on how you can increase your activity levels – whatever your current fitness levels

Lifestyle and Relationships

We eat 4-5 times a day and we might exercise for 60 minutes a day, but our lifestyle and our relationships surround us 24/7.

It makes sense to really address these areas.

We need to surround ourselves with a positive and thriving environment and our daily habits, routines and people we connect with are essential to that.

Internal Health

So many of us now suffer with conditions such as IBS, Type 2 Diabetes, Joint Pains, Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

And for most of us, we rely on daily medication but there are practices we can put in place to limit the effect of these conditions and in many cases, remove the medication.

Mark Sleight

You cannot set out to build a huge wall from the outset and expect it to be solid. You start by laying one perfect brick on top of another perfect brick to ensure the wall stands the test of time

What’s Included?

We can all jump straight into a Weight Watchers or Slimming World program and lose weight. However, if you have done these programs before, you will be only too aware that the weight usually creeps back on at some point.

It is only by setting good foundations in ALL aspects of your life that will you see amazing, long term results.

By joining the HealthBuddy Foundation Program you will join a very small community (max of 10 people) for 5 weeks of intimate coaching.

  • Within each community you will receive over 5 hours of video coaching that will transport you from where you are now, to healthier, happier and brighter future within the 5 weeks.
  • Have your own supportive health coach who you contact everyday
  • You will be welcomed into a secure VIP Facebook group where you have access to all the content as well as a safe and friendly environment to talk to your coach and the other members of your community.
  • Weekly motivation within the group
  • Weekly tasks to complete to keep you accountable and make sure you keep moving forwards towards your goals.

You get all this for the incredibly low investment of £147

But that’s not it, You also get….

Additional coaching videos to improve your technique and performance

Extra content from top coaches from around the world

Free downloads within your VIP group to help you with all areas of your life

Weekly challenges to keep things fun whilst you achieve your dreams

How Do I Sign Up?